Monday, January 20, 2014

Projected 3rd Round Pairings

Here are the projected pairings for Round 3 of the Kenilworth CC Championship, on Thursday, January 23rd:

1. Balakrishnan - Kernighan
2. Moldovan - Selling
3. Jackmin - Tomkovich
4. McAuliffe - Sherry
5. Gottlieb - Sturniolo
6. Renna - a filler
7. Ruales - Lee

Half-point byes: Mangion, Chen, Burnett

If no filler is avaialable... Renna will play Lee & Ruales will get a bye.

Pairings are subject to change.

Requests for 3rd round byes received after 2 p.m on Thursday may not be received or granted.

The following bye requests have been granted for future rounds:
  • February 6th (5th round): Sturniolo

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