Thursday, January 30, 2014

4th Round Pairings

Here are the projected pairings for tonight's 4th round of the Kenilworth CC Championship:

1. Mangion - Balakrishnan
2. Kernighan - Moldovan
3. Selling - Jackmin
4. Sherry - Gottleib
5. Lee - Chen
6. Tomkovich - McAuliffe
7. Sturniolo - Burnett
8. Renna - Ruales

Pairings are subject to change.

The Mangion vs. Balakrishnan game may be played at another site before next week's final round.

Sturniolo expects to be 15 minutes late for the round. His clock won't be started until 8:45.

Requests for 3rd 4th round byes received after 2 p.m today may not be received or granted.

The following bye requests have been granted for future rounds:
  • February 6th (5th round): Sturniolo

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