Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chen, Carrelli, Hart Win Fish Memorial

Kevin Chen, Don Carrelli and Glen Hart won the 6th Sy Fish Memorial, which took place September 12th thru October 3rd.

Paul Gottleib and Bert Shiffman split the U1800 prize, which was pooled with the U1400.

Carrelli could have taken clear first but he declined Chen's draw offer and went to lose a pawn ending.

4th Round Results:

Carrelli 0-1 Chen
Gottleib 1/2-1/2 Pedersen
L. Moreira 0-1 Hart
Renna -+ Shiffman
Sharma -+ Sturniolo
Mazzillo 1-0 Ruales

Final Standings:

= 1-3. Chen, Carrelli, Hart 3.0
= 4-6. Pedersen, Gottleib, Shiffman 2.5
= 7-8. Sturniolo, L. Moreira 2.0
= 9-11. Mazzillo, Renna, Sharma 1.5
= 12-13. G. Moreira (withdrew), Ruales 0.0

The event was submitted for rating at 11:52 p.m. and the crosstable should appear at before 1 a.m.